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Siara John

Siara John is working as a Chief  Software Developer  in a reputed software development company. She has been working in this field from last seven years  and is  highly qualified. Working as a software  developer she has developed a number of applications and software especially for Mac operating system. Apart from this she  has ten years of working experience in data recovery field and working with data base management systems.

She has completed her B-Teh from California university and also acquired MBA degree from the same institution. Apart from this she likes reading books, listening songs, playing  games and also has keen interest in writing blogs and articles related with data recovery software.

Robert Disouza

Robert Disouza  is a owner of a It company and he started  beginning of his carrier as a software engineer. Working in  a multinational company for more than 12 year s and after experience of 13 years in different fields related with software development. Software designing, launching he software, software testing and n managing market budgets he opened his own software company .

Robert Disouza has acquired a software engineering degree in addition with  Computer Diploma course and MBA from California  University. He is also interested in writing content on MAC system issues and articles guiding about  data recovery solutions .

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