CWK File Recovery on Mac

cwkCWK file extension stand for ClarisWorks, and is created by using Apple’s Works productivity suite. Later the name ClarisWorks get changed to AppleWorks after Apple taking Claris Corporation and then replaced it by iWork. Under data file category CWK file come which is widely used in word processing application. The CWK file may contain word processing spreadsheets, documents, presentations or drawings. Since Apple doesn’t support longer for ClarisWorks or AppleWorks, as a result you may face trouble in accessing CWK file on Mac system inspite of having installed right program. Like other file, CWK file also get erased or lost due to unexpected reason.

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The most common reason behind lost or delete of CWK file are as follows:

  • Accidentally erasing of CWK files from Trash by pressing “Command + Shift + Delete” keys simultaneously.
  • Formatting of Mac hard drives by mistake will also responsible for lost of CWK file.
  • After infected with virus infection, your security software may remove the CWK file while scanning the PC.
  • Occurrence of sudden interruption while accessing of the CWK file on Mac system.
  • Due to corruption of CWK file header, it becomes inaccessible & leads to deletion of the file.

If you lost you CWK files due to any of the above stated reason then not need to be worry. Mac Data Recovery software will recover your lost or deleted CWK file. Many people doesn’t know that deleted data can be recovered from the system or have lack of adequate knowledge that how to recover erased data? When your delete any file, only file header information get deleted from the computer table and all the file content remain on the Mac storage volume. The entire data suppose to be removed from hard disk only after its space is overwrite with new data. If you wish to fetch deleted data from the hard drive, then quickly stop adding new data and use Mac Data Recovery software for recovering those lost CWK files.

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