Data Recovery From Formatted Mac Hard Disk After Re-installation of OS

Mac users usually formatted their hard disk drive when they need to need to re-install or install operating on their Machine. Apart from this there are several other reason may behind when users may need to formatted their Mac hard drive.

  • Hard drive failure after power interruptions.
  • Formatting Hard drive to get rid of viruses.
  • Logical damages of sectors of hard drive.
  • Unable to access stored hard drive data.
  • Formatting drive to make free space.
  • Unintentionally formatting Mac drives or volumes.
  • Accidental formatting of hard drive data.

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If you had formatted your Mac hard drive without keeping the backup of your important files, then you may face data loss situations and lost your important data. So you should beware from this always keep a valid backup of your important files to prevent further data loss issues.

In case if you don’t have proper backup of your important data, then you should stop using your hard drive or the particular volume where you have lost your important data.

In order to avoid permanent data loss you should follow the below steps:

When you store any new file on your system, the allocation of deleted data will be destroyed, The deleted data is still exists if you do not write any new files on your formatted or deleted store media. So follow the above steps and prevent your data from permanent loss.

At such situations the data recovery software will surely helps you to recover your important data from the formatted Mac hard drive however you had re-installing new OS on your system. This data recovery software will also helps you to recover your lost files which were get lost due to any cause of data loss issues.

Free Download Mac Data Recovery Software

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