Guide To Recover of Zip on Mac

zip-recoveryA Zip is a file container sometimes called as “archive” files which store one or more files or folders in a compressed form. By compressing a file, it will occupy less memory space in comparison with an uncompressed file. While sending any large file through email it get compressed to protect from unauthorized access by making password protected for it. The benefits of Zip file are as follows:

  • More than one file get bundled into a single contained

  • Compress the file size upto 90%

  • Allow you to set password on its content from being unauthorized access

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Few reasons of deletion/damage of Zip file are as follows:

  • Accidental deletion of Zip files by pressing “Ctrl+Shift+Delete” keys

  • Forcefully removing of any external storage media during file transfer

  • Emptying the Trash before checking the Zip files that exist in it

  • Removed by any third party applications such as malware or virus.

  • Improper or sudden shutdown also leads to losing of Zip file.

Manual recovery of Zip file

Open terminals and enter “zip” into terminals then hit inter key. You will get text base menu for making some modification to Zip file. Lots of command line formula for entering in action is provided. You will see all the option whcih can be performed at right right below of the terminal.

Enter the command –F fix zipfile (-FF try harder).

Type following command into terminal:

zip -F --out

This command ask Terminal to target the archive named from home folder with the zip command -F, for Fix Archive, and if possible, make a new archive named

Now Terminal is actually talking about our damaged archive. Terminal is telling that end signature is missing and to repair the archives try the command -FF command.

zip -FF --out

Here Terminal is asking to conform that it’s a single file. Type Y for yes and press enter key. Terminal will initiate extracting from the damaged archive file and repack the extracted files in a new archive file that you have created from the Terminal command.

Mac Data Recovery Software

If you unable to repair/recover your damaged Zip file manually then you must use “Mac Data Recovery Software”. It is easily available to help Mac user in such critical situation when they suffer a huge data loss. This software allow user to preview of the Zip iles before recovery process starts up. Addition to that, restores formatted files from other removable device such as pen-drive, memory card, SD card, etc.

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