HFS Data Recovery : Easily Restore Lost, Deleted or Inaccessible Mac Files

Apple has introduced the HFS file system for Mac computers which has replaced the original Macintosh file system. It is hierarchical file system which is much advanced and superior than previous ones. It offers easy storage and accessibility features and safely store your files. Mac OS is considered as one of the advanced operating system and being used by large numbers of users all over the world. It consists of several logical partitions and all partitions are stored in a file system which is HFS file system. Although it is much advanced and reliable but still it is not untouched with corruption issues. Most of the Mac users experience HFS file corruption and data loss issues. So, there arises a need to perform HFS data recovery.

If you are Mac users then you might have experienced abnormal behavior of your computer while working. At times it happens that when you attempt to access your files you unable to access it, hard drive becomes unmountable, speed of your computer gets decreased and you start getting several types of error messages. Some of the common error messages are cited below:

  • Mac file system dirty error
  • HFS File ID not found
  • -127 fsDSIntErr Internal file system error
  • -123 wrgVolTypErr Not an HFS volume [wrong volume type error or (obsolete) operation not supported for MFS]
  • No mountable file system error

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Appearance of above error messages indicates that HFS file system have been damaged and if corruption increases to great extent it might leads to data loss situations. However Mac system comes with inbuilt backup utility known as Time Machine which creates hourly backup of data. Users can easily restore data from Time Machine backup but at times it happens that tool fails and you need to opt for third-party Mac recovery solutions. Usually, users receive such kinds of error messages due to following reasons:

  • Corruption of file system
  • Damaged file headers
  • Corruption of Master Directory Block
  • Malfunctioning of operating system

Most of the times users format the drive in order to resolve the errors and make system function smoothly. In case you lost your data either due to formatting, corruption or accidental deletion you need to perform HFS data recovery in order to retrieve the deleted files. With the help of comprehensive third-party HFS Data Recovery Software you can easily restore lost, missing or deleted files to the specified location in just few clicks. The software supports all versions of Mac operating system and safely perform recovery.

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User Guide : How to Use HFS Data Recovery Software


Install and launch HFS Data Recovery Software from quick installation wizard.


In this step you have to select the drive or storage media from which you want to perform recovery.


Now you have to select the type of file which you want to restore.


You have to also select the specific region from where you want to perform the recovery.


Now you have to select the scan button in order to start the recovery. Once the scanning is completed you need to click on “Start Recovery” button to recover the deleted files.

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