How To Recover Deleted Files Mac Without Software : Quite Difficult Without Software

Do you ever face file deletion on Mac Operating System? Due to corruption of Mac files you may face various difficulty. As we all know MAC OS is an operating system that has been designed and developed by the Apple Macintosh computer. It is well known for their efficiency and fast response for given command by users. However it is also true that Mac user also used to face data loss issues due to data corruption from Mac OS machine as well as occurred due to deletion accidentally.

Although it is not good sign for Mac users, so to come out with this situation they have a question in there mind “how to recover deleted files mac without software?”. However there might be possible manual solution to recover Mac data in easy and efficient manner. Here we allow you to know detail information about this how to recover deleted files mac without software along with the possible scenario in which it arise. Additionally, user can also come to know about its major affects over Mac machine with the effective way to troubleshoot Mac data.

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Stellar Mac Data Recovery

Tenorshare Mac Data Recovery

R-Studio Mac Data Recovery

MiniTool Mac Data Recovery

Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery

Possible Scenario In Which Mac Files Corruption or Deletion Occurred

Now days, every organization or a particular PC user is concern for there data safety. Even though Mac OS is quite safe to be worked. But there are many of the cases users come across various issues time & again working on their Mac which eventually leads to deletion of data & files from Mac. Some of the major reasons discussed here behinds the Mac file corruption.

Malware Attack: There are many forms of malware that can affect Mac user’s PC. It uses corrupted code and various illicit strategies to make PC functionality worse. The situation become more critical when the virus hijack resources and deleted files permanently.

Improper Shutdown: Abrupt shutdown usually affect mac files when the files are transferring from one device to other. Even while carrying out other operations like disk De-fragmentation, resizing partitioning and so on. You can save from such instances, when you are well prepared with a backup.

Hard Drive Got Corrupted: Corruption in the Hard drive causes data loss. This is one of the major reason of data loss. Once it occurred, Mac user unable to access there data any more.

Delete Mistakenly Some Critical Data On Boot Camp Partition: File lost from bootcamp Partition is really a vital situation. The reason doest factor how data lost but how to recover deleted files mac is biggest factor.

Data Lost Due To Bad Sectors On Hard Drive: Bad sector in hard disk is not small case. If your hard disk has some bad sector, you may unable to access files, unreadable and write or add any new data on it. Even you may lost your files stored in the hard drive.

Deleted or Formatted: It may also possible that data may loss due to deleted accidentally or due to formatted suddenly. No body knows how mac files get deleted.

Power Failure: Power failure can affect your PC largely i.e it can cause minor errors to severe problems like hard disk failures. It is because when the files are active during the shutdown process, the operating system might fail to save the changes to the file system. Due to this, the file structure is altered causing the loss of files from the system.

These above scenario are most prominent reason of mac data loss. That’s why expert always recommended, make backup for data safety and security. It is very important step which need to apply for every single user.

Solution : How To Recover Deleted Files Mac Without Software

PC users may suffer data loss problems not only due to corruption and intentional deletion. It has been observed that most of the Mac users accidentally delete their important files while cleaning desktop or other ways. At that point of time you can restore the lost file just be dragging them from trash bin. It is inbuilt folder present in Mac system which temporarily store deleted files and folders. Apart from this, If you regularly use the backup of your Mac hard drive using Time Machine, then data recovery is possible without any recovery software. Here we are discussing two methods that helps Mac user to recover deleted files.

Manual Method

Recover Deleted Files Mac From Trash

Step 1: Select Trash in the Source list.
Step 2: Image of Trash icon in Source list
Step 3: Select the file you want to restore.
Step 4: Choose Files > “Restore to Mac data”

For Further Details About Trash Recovery Visit :

Restore Deleted Files Mac From A Time Machine

Step 1: In the menu bar shortcut select “Time Machine”. If you don’t see this menu bar option. Click System Preferences → Time Machine, and select Show Time Machine in menu bar.

Step 2: Once you are in Time Machine , open the directory that contained the file that you wish to restore.

Step 3: Use the dial on the right to navigate back through time until the item that you wish to restore appears in the folder.

Step 4: While the file is highlighted, Click the restore button at the bottom of the interface to restore that individual file from backup.

Step 5: Finally, Time Machine will then copy that file back to its original location on your hard drive.

Note : Time Machine restore your deleted files once you have previously make backup on daily basis.

Automatic Method

Usually data loss happens during deletion of unwanted files from the system by pressing Shift+Delete and completely delete it from trash bin also. During this process you accidentally lose mac files which are of great importance and you really want to keep. In such cases you don’t find any ways of recovery and you think that you have lost your files forever. But don’t get panic because you can easily perform recovery deleted files mac by using third party software.

Mac Data Recovery Using Full Version Software

About Stellar Mac Data Recovery Software

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Software is reliable and safe to repair and restore the corrupted or lost Mac files. The tool performs strong scanning algorithm which offers quick scan to find the lost files. The recovery software has numerous features that will help you to recover data easily and efficiently. It has features like display preview during scanning process, auto-refresh drive list, save scan information so that you can resume recovery later on or create an image of a volume or complete drive. Moreover, Filter option makes it easier for you to identify and recover desired files and folders. You can also search for specific files in preview window using ‘Filter List’ option.

Key Features

        • Recover data from media having bad sectors using image files.
        • Enhance recovery speed using image files.
        • Recovers deleted / lost files and folders.
        • Recover data from corrupt, damaged, deleted or formatted Mac volumes.
        • Recover any specific file type using ‘Filter List’ option.
        • Use drive / volume images to facilitate recovery process.

About Tenorshare Mac Data Recovery

Tenorshare Mac Data Recovery is powerful mac file recovery software that can recover lost, deleted, or formatted photos, videos, audios files and documents from Mac machine and other storage devices. Apart from this, it can rescue lost text messages, contacts, call history, notes and such many more from Mac devices.

Key Features

        • Delete data inadvertently or lost data due to mis-operation.
        • Restore device to factory settings without backup.
        • Repair iOS System Crash/Stuck as well.
        • Real Time Preview prior Recovery.

About R-Studio Mac Data Recovery

R-Studio Mac Data Recovery is a powerful and cost-effective data recovery software specially designed for Mac OS environment. The tool recovers files from HFS/HFS+, FAT/NTFS, UFS1/UFS2 and Ext2/Ext3/Ext4 partitions. The software also recovery row file recovery for heavily damaged or unknown file system. R-Studio for Mac also recovers data on disks, even if their partitions are formatted, damaged or deleted. Flexible parameter settings give you absolute control over data recovery.

Key Features

        • R-Studio Mac Data Recovery inbuilt with RAID reconstruction module.
        • A feature rich text/hexadecimal editor.
        • Advance disk copying/imaging module, makes ideal complete solution.
        • Recovery data by virus attack or power failure.

About MiniTool Mac Data Recovery

MiniTool Mac Data Recovery for mac helps you to recover files from your hard drive or an external drive. It has advanced filter option that offers user to filter out unnecessary files via file name, extension name, file size and creation time. The tool restore files like music, video, emails and all documents from mac or other device.

Key Features

        • Undeleted Recovery helps mac user quickly recover data lost due to accidental deletion from storage device.
        • Damage partition recovers lost data from existing partition.
        • Digital media recovery from portable storage devices.

Mac Data Recovery Using Free Version Software

About Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery

Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery is a totally free data recovery utility. It allows you to recover an unlimited amount of data or files from file systems such as HFS/HFS+, FAT, FAT32 and NTFS. The software performs a deep scan in order to locate lost and deleted files, after which you can see the results using the easy-to-use interface. If at any point you need help ,there is a free technical support service available to assist you.

It also enables you to recover deleted Mac OS files from internal and external hard drives, USB flash drives and memory cards. So if you accidentally delete or lose photos, music, videos, documents or applications, it help you to restore them, even if partitions have been formatted, damaged or deleted.

Key Features

        • Recovery of deleted files ,even when files are accidentally deleted, the files are often still there, hidden from the Operating System.
        • Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery uses two powerful methods: file recovery and drive recovery to help you undelete your OS X files.
        • Recovery of accidental formatted data. Use our drive recovery method to perform a deep scan, locating your data, and then show you the results in an easy-to-use interface.
        • Recovery of ‘lost’ data from your hard disk, even if its partitions are formatted, damaged or deleted.

Choose The Right Solution To Resolve Mac Data Recovery

Mac based computers are widely used all over the world due to its reliable performance. Different models of Mac computers are available in the market. The storage capacity is also much far better than others. We often get upset if these files get corrupted or inaccessible due to any possible reasons, specially when it seems typical to recover those files when there are multiple products available in the market and to choose one of them. However, all products applied various technology and techniques to recovery, now we all have ultimate tool to overcome such technical issues with the most promising software which are designed to this very purpose.

Among all, Stellar Data Recovery Software is one of them, this software is one stop solution to rescue all your precious data that lost due to formatting, deletion, improper operation, application crashes, volume loss, malware invasion and other unexpected reasons. This simple, affordable software is easiest and most effective way to get recovery of lost and deleted data from Mac systems, External Drives, Digital Cameras, USB Drives, and iPod. It support almost all file formats and also compatible with all Mac OS X version.

Why Stellar Data Recovery Software?

Stellar Mac Data Recovery Program performs safe and accurate recovery of lost documents, photos, music files, videos or other documents that have been accidentally or intentionally deleted from HFS, HFS+, FAT, ExFAT and NTFS format based file systems. It has advance features to recover deleted files back. The powerful scan algorithms of the software scan through the entire Mac drive and find out all the broken links as well as entries of the deleted file. From those gathered information, the software locates the memory allocated to that particular file and thus retrieves the deleted file back.

Key Features

        • Capable to recovery lost files on iMac, MacBook Pro,Air, Mac Mini and Mac Pro.
        • Facilitates RAW recovery on lost Mac volumes and data recovery from Encrypted file systems.
        • Achieves Complete data recovery for Mac OS X after logical disk errors.
        • Recovery from unmounted OS X volumes.
        • Recover deleted backups files from Time Machine hard drive.
        • Compatible with all version of Mac OS.

User Guide To Recover Data From Mac

Step 1: Launch the Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery and select Drive or Partition”. Later follow the further instructions. Click on scan button.Step 2: Scan process is in progress.

Step 3: Scan completed → choose your desired files from preview list whom you want to recover.

Step 4: Preview After Scan.

Step 5: Select Single of Multiple files to recovery and click recover option.

Step 6: After completion of recovery process, select the destination folder to save the file.

Step 7: A message window recommends you not to save the file in the same folder from where it lost. Choose proceed anyway.

Step 8: Saving Data at your destination folder.

Free Download Mac Data Recovery Software

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